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US High Choice Black Angus Short Rib [Frozen] (~300g)

  • Brand: Brakes
  • Product Code: 10040
  • Availability: In Stock

Black Angus beef represents the best of the best in US beef. Our Black Angus beef products are sourced from the renowned Creekstone Farms in the US, from which you can enjoy these added values:

·        USDA Certification

·        EU Certification

·        100% Verifiable Black Angus Genetics

·        Humane Animal Treatment

·        High Quality Corn-Based Feed

Short ribs are flavorful, less tender, and great when cooked on the grill. Braising, grilling and sauteing are the ideal cooking methods.

This product is sold as a piece.

The weight and price shown is for reference only. Final price based on actual weight of the product. 

Country of Origin:US Approx. Weight (per pack):300g/500g
Min. Order Quantity:1pc
Recommended Cut:Unportioned Recommended Herbs:Herbs not recommended (except sea salt and freshly cracked pepper)
Recommended Size:500g Recommended Temperature:58oC/136oF
Recommended Time:120 mins (medium rare)
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