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Japanese / Australian Wagyu Beef / Korean

Japanese / Australian Wagyu Beef / Korean

The Wagyu chuck eye roll is cut from the neck and the blade of the cow. It is marbled with fat, and is extremely tender and juicy with exceptional bee..
Japanese Wagyu is famous for its intense marbling which produces a tender, juicy, naturally enhanced flavor to the meat. It is highly versatile - you ..
Extraordinary, tender, juicy, rich textures with plenty of flavor, Australian top-of-the-range M8 Wagyu Beef leaves you a pleasant lasting t..
Australian Frozen Wagyu Ox Tongue Thin Slices (~120g)
The Wagyu ox tongue slices are extremely juicy with exceptional beef flavor. Best for BBQ, stir fry or hotpot.This product is sold as a pack. The pr..

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Japanese Wagyu beef is characterized by its intense marbling with strong flavor, and an ultimate tenderness that gives you the “melt in the mouth” exp..
Korean beef is known for its well balance of marbling and beef flavor. Our beef burger patty leaves you a pleasant lasting taste that is hard to ..