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Australian / NZ Beef

Australian / NZ Beef

Australian Frozen M5 Wagyu Knuckle Sliced (~225g)
The Wagyu knuckle comes without excessive fat, yet is still tender and flavorful. Best for Japanese or Chinese hotpot.This product is sold as a pack...
The Wagyu chuck eye roll is cut from the neck and the blade of the cow. It is marbled with fat, and is extremely tender and juicy with exceptional bee..
Australian Frozen M7 Wagyu Rib Meat [Korean BBQ Slices] (~225g)
Our rib meat is a high quality cut carrying an abundance of distinctive flavor and marbling. Great for grilling, Japanese Yakiniku or Korean BBQ.This ..
Flavorful and juicy, these Angus burger steaks go well with different kind of ingredients to make great burgers! Each piece is about 8cm in diame..
Grass-fed beef is leaner and comes with less marbling, yet it is still flavorsome and juicy to eat.This product is sold as a pack. The weight shown is..
The Prime Steer (PS) grass-fed beef represents the best of New Zealand in terms of flavor, tenderness and juiciness.This product is sold as a pac..