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US / Canadian Beef

US / Canadian Beef

Well-marbled, naturally juicy, distinctively flavorful. Such are the signatures that made the US Angus Beef distinctively unique. Ribeye is even ..
Short rib is a more flavored and well-marbled cut of beef taken from the rib area of the cow. Beef slices are ideal for Chinese hotpot,..
US Frozen Black Angus Shortplate Beef Slices (~250g)
Black Angus represents the best of the best in US beef. Shortplate beef slices give you an abundance in fat and tenderness to go along your hotpot, st..
This is a PRIME-grade cut near the shoulder of the cow, which comes with great marbling. Beef slices are ideal for Chinese hotpot, stir-frying, Korean..
US Frozen PRIME Marbled Beef Cubes (~225g)
This PRIME-grade beef comes with great marbling and rich beef flavor. Easy to prepare and is good for pan-frying, grilling, or even hotpot.This produc..
Short rib is a richly flavored cut of beef taken from the rib area of the cow. It is particularly popular in Chinese, Korean and Jewish..