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US / Canadian Beef

US / Canadian Beef

Well-marbled, naturally juicy, distinctively flavorful. Such are the signatures that made the US Angus Beef distinctively unique. Ribeye is even ..

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Tiny in size and slender in shape, this uncommon cut is lean, juicy and tender. It is the more affordable version of beef fillet. Perfect to ro..
US Frozen PRIME Chuck Beef Slices (~300g)
This is a PRIME-grade cut near the shoulder of the cow, which comes with great marbling. Beef slices are ideal for Chinese hotpot, stir-frying, Korean..
Short rib is a richly flavored cut of beef taken from the rib area of the cow. It is particularly popular in Chinese, Korean and Jewish..
Flavorful, juicy, hormone-free, additive-free and easy to prepare, rib finger can add many new ideas to your meals. Grilling, stir frying, braising an..
This Angus chuck eye roll is cut from the neck and the blade of the cow. Next to the beef ribeye roll, it is marbled with fat, and is extremely tender..