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Sous Vide Artisan

What is Sous Vide?

A unique cooking method originated in France, “sous vide” means “under vacuum”, or the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in temperature controlled water bath – at a very precise temperature and holding it there for a period of time. A sous vide machine is all you need and is now easily and affordably available.

Why is Sous Vide getting popular?

Why is Sous Vide getting popular?

  • The results are always under control, predictable, and FAILSAFE – no more overcooked fish, rubbery chicken, or chewy steak.
  • Though you may need to start cooking well ahead of your dinner, in fact you need very little effort in the process. It’s merely “set and forget”
  • The oxygen-free cooking environment helps retain your foods’ valuable nutrients while preventing the juice and flavor to dissipate.
  • The prolonged cooking time helps pasteurize the meat, which means that medium-rare pork chops and subtly pink chicken are perfectly safe to eat.

Why choose O’garlic as your Sous Vide partner?

Selecting Your Meat for Sous Vide
O’garlic – Your Sous Vide Artisan
  • High quality meat that will make the most out of the time spent
  • Our products are mainly sourced from US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand – all being quality and reliable food exporters.
  • Healthy products that go along the healthy cooking concept of sous vide
  • Our products are free of hormone, addictive and artificial ingredients – healthy and safe for every member in your family.
  • A large variety of meat products to choose from
  • We have shortlisted a large variety of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and seafood products – for your delighted selection.
  • Tailor-made meat size and thickness to suit your serving needs
  • We can tailor our cut (size and thickness) to meet your requirements – be it a big and thick piece for ultimate tenderness and juiciness, or individual smaller pieces for shorter cooking time.
  • Creative ingredients that amaze your family and guests
  • We try our best to meet your creative ideas – let us know your craziest thoughts and we will see how to help.
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