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The Wagyu knuckle comes without excessive fat, yet is still tender and flavorful. Best for Japanese or Chinese hotpot.This product is sold as a pack...
Our rib meat is a high quality cut carrying an abundance of distinctive flavor and marbling. Great for grilling, Japanese Yakiniku or Korean BBQ.This ..
Our chicken wings are hormone- and antibiotics-free, giving you and your family a healthy and safe choice of delicious food. And they are already cook..
Japanese Frozen Dried Kinki Fish [Rich in Fish Oil] (~350g)
Due to its bright red color and big round eyes, Kinki Fish gets its nickname as "Deep Sea Ruby". Kinki has extremely high fat content and is rich in V..
Coming from the Chiba Prefecture in Japan, our pork product is fed mainly on sweet potato, resulting in exceptional tenderness, juiciness and flavor..
This product is rich in pork flavor and comes with an abundance of tenderness and juiciness. A salivating choice for everyone.This product is sold as..